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Whole House Makeovers

You’ve seen them do it on TV…buy an old ugly house and do a complete makeover to totally transform it into an awesome modern space. Looks pretty easy  on TV.


While there are a couple of shows (on PBS) that show the process fairly accurately, even they skip over a lot of the details of the process. The others make it look pretty easy, quick, and they skip any areas they don’t know how to deal with or that take too much time or money. Their true purpose, after all, is entertainment.


But what if you really want to give it a try? There are a lot of candidates out there, especially in the sea of foreclosures that haunt every city and town in America these days. The payoff could be great…but so could the heartbreak.




Is it worth the risk and investment? Most of the time, the answer is yes. But not if you don’t do your homework and go into it with all the facts. Some makeovers are relatively simple, others extremely complex. There’s a lot more to making it happen than getting out the yellow pages.


If you’ve ever ventured into the online dating scene, you have likely had a good preview of what rehabbing an ugly house will be like. People are not necessarily what they represent themselves to be.


You’ve got to do your homework.


Start with an experienced home inspector. Next, or preferably before, you need the help of an experienced home designer to determine if the property you are looking at can actually be turned into the one you have in your mind’s eye. And you need an experienced contractor, one that has done a few of these and has a realistic perspective on what’s possible and what isn’t.


It’s actually getting a bit complicated now, isn’t it?


If you had to drive across the country in the next 7 days, you wouldn’t think of leaving without planning out your route. Miss one turn and you could be way off your game plan.


The same holds true for home renovations of any type, especially whole house makeovers. One wrong turn here could cost a lot of lost time and more importantly, lots of money.


But it takes time to get all those experts together, and will that house still be available when you get all your information together?


At Profitt Custom Homes, we can handle all of those things for you at one time. We have the experience, knowledge and resources to assess both the condition of the property, the suitability for your intended project, and handle as little or as much of the makeover process as you would like.


We even have an hourly rate to view one or more prospective properties with you and your realtor and give you a “real time” assessment of the suitability of the property.


Give us a call to schedule a meeting and start your project rolling!

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