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So – Where Do You Start?

You like your house, but you want to make a few changes. You’ve got a few ideas, seen some things that you like…. so – where do you start? Do you find an Architect? A home design professional? Maybe start with by running your ideas by a contractor or two? And what about Zoning and building permits? Neighborhood restrictions? DSCF2214


So where DO you start?


Well, the answer could be any of the above, depending on just what and how much you want to change. If you’re budget is pretty much unlimited and you know you just want to make it “different”, then you probably should start with an architect.


If the above situation doesn’t describe you, then you can usually save time and money by skipping that step. So, a home designer or a contractor? The answer here is easy. You may need both.


“The Devil is in the Details”

A good designer can take your ideas and determine how to apply them to the structure of your home. So this is the first step, then, right? Not necessarily.  But even a great designer usually needs an experienced contractor to keep them in touch with reality.


Starting with a contractor will work for simple projects, but they frequently can lack the vision to see the big picture and this shortcoming is where many of the building horror stories get their start. Your best bet is start with a team consisting of a designer and a competent contractor.


While reviewing the plans for a major renovation a few years back, I asked the client f his designer had given any thoughts on how we were supposed to support the back side of his two story house while tearing out a key part of the existing back wall and foundation. His designer, I was told, had won several awards in their field and I am always open to ideas from another experienced professional. His replied immediately. “I asked that question”. The designer told him “you can’t let the laws of physics get in the way of a good design – that’s the Contractor’s problem”.


We solved that little physics problem for his designer (the P.E. the designer had review the plans didn’t offer any input on it either), along with some oversights in several other areas of the plans. We revised the customers plans and the job went smoothly.


Profitt Custom Homes brings all of these skill sets to the table. We can give you answers to all of those questions without having to wait for an outside party to find time to give it a look.


Already have a designer or Architect ? No problem. We are more than happy to work with your designer to iron the kinks out of the design before we start sawing lumber.


We will meet with you and discuss your building plan, investigate zoning and other potential restrictions, prepare a concept plan if you don’t yet have one, and discuss budget factors based on today’s real-world cost for the Charlotte area.


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