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Structural Repairs

Got sagging floors? Cracking tile or drywall? Water under the house or mold/mildew problems?  These and other issues are fairly common in older homes constructed before building standards evolved to provide adequate foundation support and prevent moisture intrusion.


Structural repairs for these conditions are also not uncommon in newer homes, where evolving technologies like sealed crawlspaces were mis-applied, or surface water or water penetration details were improperly handled or omitted altogether.


The most common recommendation from building or home inspectors in this scenario is to consult a Professional Engineer. They will assess the damage and prepare a plan to deal with the repair or replacement of the failed components. Then it’s up to you  to get the repairs completed.


If you have gone this route, we will be happy to discuss the suggested repairs with you and prepare a plan to effectively deal with the situation.


Ironically, though the industry relies on Professional Engineers in this instance, most Professional Engineering companies consider residential construction a “minefield” and avoid it completely. While in theory it falls under their job description, most aren’t actually trained in this area and my experience has shown that few of those that will deal with it actually understand it. And no one really likes to crawl under houses.


If you have not yet enlisted the services on a P.E., with our in-house engineering capabilities we can usually save you that step in the process. We don’t do skyscrapers and office buildings, but we understand residential construction inside and out, both from the engineering and actual construction perspectives. We will evaluate the nature of the failure and effect the proper repairs.


More importantly, as most of these failures are the symptom of a deeper problem, we will find the source of the failure and correct that as well so the problem doesn’t re-appear.


We’ve been doing it successfully for almost 3 decades. Protect your biggest investment and give us a call!

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