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Steep Lot Solutions

Want to build a garage or workshop but the only space on the lot is too steep? Tired of that wood deck but it’s ten feet off the ground and too high for a masonry floor patio? Maybe you have an elevated masonry patio now, but it’s built on top of a wood deck structure and the floor keeps cracking?


Any movement in the fill under a concrete slab will result in cracking, settling, or worse. With conventional slab construction, the best way to minimize these effects is to fill it with compacted clean crushed stone or crushed and sized recycled concrete. Fills of over 2’ deep start getting complicated. The deeper the fill, the more lateral pressure on the sidewalls. And at $400 a truck load (and counting), that deep fill can get real expensive very quickly. And the deeper the fill, the greater the likelihood of cracking or settling of the slab.


When you get over 4’ deep with a filled foundation, it starts getting expensive. At 8’ of fill, it becomes financially impractical. But we have an affordable solution for these situations.


We are installing dealers for a composite structural steel system that eliminates the fill situation and makes lots of any slope an easy deal. And the great thing about this system – the floors don’t crack! Slabs that we placed with this method over 6 years ago show only a few hairline defects, which are caused by water evaporation factors during the initial cure (when first placed). The slope of the lot doesn’t matter, as the floor is suspended. Depending on the slope, you get a crawlspace or usable dry ceiling space underneath.


With this system we can build garages up to 30’ deep (by any width) that will safely handle the heaviest passenger vehicles on the market (including Hummers).  Elevated patios have dry-ceiling space below for more outdoor living area. This system doesn’t require huge cranes to install so we can get into tight spaces with minimal damage to the surrounding landscape.


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