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Tired of those drafty old windows but don’t want the clunky look that some of those replacement windows give? Profitt Custom Homes can give you the energy performance and minimal upkeep of the latest window technology and keep architectural look of the original windows.


Window replacement companies tend to specialize in what the industry calls “pocket windows”. That means they leave your existing framework and trim but remove the existing sashes and balance mechanisms then install new replacements in the “pocket” left by removing the old components. When properly installed in the right conditions, these windows work well and perform effectively.


In many applications, this can be the least expensive method of upgrading. It works adequately to a point and serves the utilitarian purpose of the window upgrade. But, if original appearance is a concern or the exterior woodwork is extensively damaged, the results can be less than flattering.  It also doesn’t deal with a lack of insulation around the existing window unit, especially in homes built before the 1970’s. On brick veneer homes it can be difficult to get the aluminum covering that is typically installed over the decayed outer trimwork of the window to look neat and accents the bulky look of many of the replacement window products.


A better option

At Profitt Custom Homes, we can offer you the best of both worlds. Unlike the replacement companies that usually only offer one product brand with a couple of styles, we have access to practically every window and door product on the market. We can replace your aging leaky windows with high performance units that look just like a wood window, and are available in any combination of sizes and grid bar types.  Brand names that you’ve heard of like Anderson, Caradco, Jeld-Wen, M&W, and many others. We match the best product for the job to your needs and budget.


In this type of installation, we completely remove your existing window unit and replace it with a new, factory assembled and finished unit. The perimeter of the window is properly sealed and insulated, and the exterior moldings are replaced with no-rot components that look exactly like the original components.  All this at a price competitive with offerings from the replacement window companies.


On projects that don’t require this level of window product, we also install high quality pocket style units, made some of the largest window manufactures in the country.


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