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Sw-1 King1 Whicker1 Thompson 1 New Home 1Custom Home2007Profitt Custom Homes has been building new homes for nearly 30 years in the greater Charlotte area. With well over 100 homes (mostly custom) under our belts, we are highly skilled in the fine art of building high quality, energy efficient, low maintenance homes in all sizes and styles.


Many of the features that are being touted as “New and Improved” in the building world, we have been doing for decades. Low maintenance exteriors in multiple materials, increased insulation values, premium quality doors and windows, tankless water heating systems, engineered floor systems and others.


We build with the goal of customer satisfaction in the long-run as opposed to absolute bottom line costs or current code minimums. In fact, building codes in some areas such as HVAC efficiencies and insulation R-values are just now coming up to the level we have been putting in our homes for the past 10 yrs.


Your plan, or one of ours, anywhere in the Charlotte area. Our homes have ranged from just under 2,000 to over 10,000 sf. Your plans or ours.


Don’t confuse “quality” with “features”. All of our homes have a different list of features tailored to the customer’s specifications and budgets, but our high level of construction quality remains constant.


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