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Buying a previously-owned home? Maybe one of the many foreclosures on today’s market?


They will all have gremlins; some minor, others major. It’s just a matter of finding and dealing with them.


You will likely call one of the multitude of companies that perform Home Inspections that service the area. These guys are trained to spot these things and list them in their lengthy and detailed reports. Most often these discoveries are followed by “have a building professional (or Licensed General Contractor)  inspect this issue and determine a suitable course of action” or something similar.


So where do you go to get these items dealt with, or as for that matter, determine the seriousness of the issue?


A handyman is not the answer. This will almost always result in a band aid repair that does not address the underlying issue, and it will come back to haunt you. Most have no real training or building knowledge and bring little more than a hammer, a paint brush and the desire to make a few bucks to the job.


Maybe you’ve watched a lot of the diy shows and figure you can handle them yourself and save a bunch of money. Unless you have real training and experience in the subject, that’s typically not a wise move. It is all a little more complicated than it looks on TV or on the posters at the local home improvement store. If these items were that simple to correct, why didn’t the prior owners deal with them?


Most damage areas that we see fall into 3 categories:


Neglect. Regular maintenance was not performed in years past like water leaks from roofs, plumbing or windows,


Incorrect prior repair attempts by untrained individuals, usually either a homeowner, a handyman or an individual from another trade without proper tools and knowledge. An extremely common example of this is exterior wood rot “repaired” by a well-meaning painter.


Poor construction practices or materials selection during the initial build. These are most common in older homes, but show up with surprising frequency in homes less than 10 years old. This includes damages from water intrusion into the home’s foundation due to improper site drainage.


The smart solution to these problems is to hire an experienced building professional. This is also the most cost-effective solution in the long run. Your home, even in a depressed market, is one of the largest investments you will ever make and the best way to protect that investment is by hiring only experienced professionals to repair and maintain it for you.


From minor maintenance items to serious structural issues, Profitt Custom Homes has the knowledge and trained personnel to correct these issues and do so in a professional manner. We provide permanent solutions to your building-related problems, not band aids.

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