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Historic Restorations

Historic property restoration takes a little more skill and knowledge than your average handyman or carpenter. A carpenter today is the same as a Carpenter 80 yrs ago, right? Wrong.


While technology has allowed our current society to substitute machinery for craftsmanship in many areas, repairing, reproducing and replicating woodwork and moldings from days long past, traditional carpentry skills are hard to master and even harder to find today.


Technology, especially in structural epoxies and plastics, does allow us to successfully repair many items that are no longer available anywhere and would be extremely difficult to replace even if we could find them. But the knowledge of working with the products and when they can be substituted is only gained by experience in working with them.


Over the years, we have developed a (very) short list of exceptional craftsmen in the area and material vendors capable of this type of work. We also possess a fair degree of that skill in-house.


If you have a home in a historic district or you just want to re-create or maintain that level of craftsmanship with a restoration or repair project, we can deliver results!


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