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Hidden Gun Rooms

With today’s economic uncertainties and the recently renewed efforts by vocal special interests for reduce the rights of legal gun owners, this is becoming a topic of significant interest.


As with Hidden Closets, most homes have a space that could be converted to suitable storage for these valuable assets. Gun rooms differ from other spaces primarily by the climate conditioning, type of racking and storage areas it contains and the level of access security.


It must be well disguised so as to escape notice of the unauthorized, yet easily accessed by the owner. Depending on the space available, it can also include work areas for activities such as reloading, as an elaborate reloading setup that’s readily noticeable by an intruder will incur a more exhaustive search for the reason you have that equipment.


As with our hidden closets, the fewer people involved in this process, the better. With our in-house design, engineering and construction capabilities, the secrecy of the project will be carefully protected.


All discussions relative to this topic will remain strictly confidential.

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