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Hidden Closets

Wish you had a safer place at home to keep your expensive jewelry, wine or gun collection? An alarm system or a conventional gun safe cannot protect you collections from all potential threats. The proverbial “thief in the night” may be the least of your worries.


Most homes have an area that is suitable to convert to a clandestine storage space that only you know is there and how to access it.


To successfully become “invisible”, the space and it’s access must be tailored to the individual home’s layout, building style and decor.


We have accomplished this task many times, but will not elaborate on details in this posting. However, I will offer that we can include things like air quality control, fireproofing, electronic and mechanical locks, and custom racks and storage.


We can tailor these spaces to specific needs. For example a wine collection will require precise temperature and humidity control quite different from the house.


Obviously, the fewer people involved in this process, the better. With our in-house design, engineering and construction capabilities, the secrecy of the project will be carefully protected.


All discussions relative to this topic will remain strictly confidential.

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