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Garages / Hobby Spaces

Profitt Custom Homes is your one-stop shop to bring that dream garage, man-cave or hobby space to life.


So, you want to build a garage …but where do you start?


Maybe it’s got to meet neighborhood architectural guidelines, or you have a really tight lot or difficult terrain. Do you start with an architect to get a design, or with a contractor to see if it can actually be built? What about Zoning? Wouldn’t it be great if there was someone that could handle both?


Profitt Custom Homes can take if from dream stage to completed reality! Attached or detached, we can integrate it into the style of your existing house while including special features like high ceilings for that auto lift, heated floors, ventilation systems, task relative cabinetry and lighting, and any other special consideration to get you maximum enjoyment from the space.


Want heated space above for that studio/office/party room? No problem.  We can incorporate and upfit space above for any usage (permissible by your local zoning and waste water treatment restrictions). And without support posts in the garage!


Tight lot? No problem. We design everything on state of the art Cad software, incorporating existing structures, lot lines and zoning requirements.  If there is any way to make it fit, we’ll find it!


Steep terrain? No Problem. Utilizing a patented steel structural  design system we can work with any type of terrain. Yes, garages with crawl spaces or dry basements!  Clear spans up to 30’ deep means wide open space under that garage. Use it for storage, workshop space, more garage space, even upfit it for living space.


We research the local zoning ordinances, HOA guidelines and the architectural style of your home to develop a plan that work for all interested parties and do it by the numbers to ensure a smooth project.

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