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Decks & Backyard Structures

Thinking about a new deck or a covered / screened porch? Maybe one with a bit more pizazz than the “typical” examples? And you are tired of the maintenance of that wood floor and rails of the standard deck, and want something better.

Maybe you even want to ditch the deck look altogether and have a stone or tile floor with low maintenance railings & posts. Maybe you want all that and want it screened, with a screen system that won’t sag or rust.

Anyone can build a deck, right? My first major building project was a deck on my own house. That was in 1983. My second one (six months later)was a deck I designed and built for a neighbor who was in the swimming pool business. It was over 1000 sf on two levels around an above-ground pool and wound up being used in a national advertising campaign of a major pool manufacturing company for the next couple of years.

I wasn’t in the building business then, just did it as a hobby and an extra income source to my day job in engineering. But I loved building things and a couple years later I jumped career paths. My building company started out with decks and porches but soon evolved into garages, room additions and then custom homes of continually increasing size. Today, new homes are a rare item in this region, but custom decks, patios and porches are growing in popularity and we know that business inside out.

At Profitt Custom Homes,

We build decks, from mild to wild. All are built in excess of code requirements and custom tailored to your personal taste and budget. From traditional wood structures to steel framing, composite floors and high tech rail systems. Odd shapes, curves, multi-level…your imagination is the only limitation.


We build porches. Covered or screened. Deck-type floors or masonry products.  No-maintenance vinyl trim or rough sawn cedar. The possibilities are endless and the choice is yours


Steel Porch Framing 2

Crack-resistant masonry porch floors. Stone, tile, stained concrete. Utilizing a patented structural steel support system we create floors to party on that won’t fail, wear out or put splinters in anyone’s feet.


We build Gazebos. Any size, true octagons. The center converging roof system makes these structures a versatile and useful piece of yard art! A great place for weddings, parties, or just relaxing.


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