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Serving the greater Charlotte area


Hi, I’m David Profitt .


I am a licensed General Contractor and have been serving the greater Charlotte area since 1986. During that time I’ve built around a hundred new homes of every style from 1,800 to over 10,000 ft and completed more remodels and additions than I can count.


My prior background in the engineering field has proven very useful as residential construction is an on-going adventure in structural and mechanical evaluation. This combination of training and hands-on experience provides an invaluable resource that allows me to assess and react quickly to the unexpected developments that are an everyday occurrence in the building and remodeling industry and keep my projects moving along efficiently.


New technologies continually appear in the building market and traditionally are embraced at a speed similar to a glacier’s movement.  Looking at everything with an engineer’s eye, I have adopted many of these through the years and incorporated them into my projects as a standard theme, usually long before they gain widespread acceptance in the local market.


Long before they became mainstream buzzwords we were offering our clients maintenance free exterior materials, increased insulation R-values, sealed crawl spaces, radiant barriers in the attic, incorporating light gage steel framing into residential applications, the list goes on….


In 1994, we became an authorized factory design center for Truss Joist Engineered Wood Products, one of less than a dozen nationwide. Though use of this product is now commonplace, we were among the first in the area to realize the benefits of this product and incorporate it into all our building projects.


In 2007, we became an installing dealer for Metwood Light Gage Steel products. This product line has given us the flexibility to tackle projects with difficult structural requirements for which most other local builders had no solution.


For well over a decade, we have been installing dealers of high efficiency gas water heating equipment, both fan forced high output tanked and tank-less heaters for domestic hot water, space heating and heated floor installations.


No matter what others may say, there is no substitute for experience. Being a skilled craftsman in most of the building related fields, possessing a good working knowledge of structural analysis and nearly three decades of dealing with zoning and permitting issues from both sides of the table give us the capability to tackle any residential building project.


In addition, we bring to every project long term relationships with some of the area’s best skilled craftsmen and product vendors in all the construction categories.


Our customers reap the benefits of these craftsmen and our many long term business relationships within the industry.


Give us the opportunity to bring them to your project.


Thanks for stopping by,

David Profitt